Building A World

A world as complex as the Digicom needs a good networking system like Photon Pun 2 and Unity Engine to be able to function smoothly and handle such a world. 4.1 Unity Engine
Unity is used for game development and as the game engine. It features a great developer community, a modern technological stack, a fast game creation approach with low-level programming capabilities, and good multiplayer support.
From the network interaction standpoint, the Unity game engine contains numerous built-in data transferring tools with all the required methods for our team, including commonly used Rest API and the libraries for a complete c# web3 integration. All the player transferred data is safely encrypted and information is secured based on the AES256 encryption.
4. 4.3 Player-Driven World Generation
We are great believers that the world should expand itself, and that the players write their own destiny within it. With this, we are developing a seamless UI focused world & space builder. Players should easily be able to develop their own space, their own activities, their own quests, and their own land. With players overseeing where the story of the Digicom goes, it allows the game to stay relevant and fresh.
4.3.1 UI Focused Building
User experience is top priority, for that reason the world must be able to be generated without coding and game development knowledge. The building will be done through a build tool, written, and designed to allow anyone to use it. Drag & drop and an easy-to-use menu will be key features.