There is a list as long as time itself that is being implemented into the Digicom, however we’ll dive into some of the more exciting things we are developing right now. 5.1 Islands
The Digicom has been split up into separate islands. This allows easy transition between biomes and creations. As the players continue to expand the world, this feature allows them (AND PROJECTS) to be able to build their own communities and customised space just for them.
5.2 Transport
How players get around a game is an important part of any game. In fact, transport can be quick via teleport functions if you want to get somewhere specific quickly and/or to specific events, OR players may also choose to explore via the open world. If a player chooses to explore via the open world, there are many ways to get around. It is preferential to explore the world on foot as players wont miss anything and it promotes fun gameplay.
Vehicles include cars, golf carts, ships, speedboats and even a jetpack. If players choose to get around through the open world, it will come with many surprises as you move to your next destination.
5.3 Naval Battles
Naval battles are being added as an integral part of the Digicom. As the world is based on islands it is only natural that we add content to the vast sea that occupies the space in between. There will be no space in the Digicom that is unoccupied or uneventful.
5.4 NPC Creatures
NPC Creatures will spawn in designated places as players travel around the Digicom, again adding to the playability. Specific NPC Creatures spawn according to the biome you are in and these NPC creatures will drop items and resources specific to the biome. as you battle your way through to your next destination.
5.4.1 Hunting NPCs
As the creatures will drop items and resources, they can be farmed to collect highly sought after NFTs that can be sold on the open market. Thus, adding another way for players to make money.
5.4.2 Dungeon Quests
Specific areas will spawn rare NPC creatures that give you higher chances of rare items dropping. These areas will be designated as dungeons and there will be many of them scattered around the Digicom.
A dungeon level, once started, cannot be stopped until you die. You must battle your way through the whole dungeon to reap the rewards that are dropped by the NPCs.
5.5 Digicom Races Racetracks are being added throughout the Digicom, each of them with their own characteristics. These will be playable via minigame and players will be able to race their friends or compete in a global time trial to get fastest lap.
5.6 Pets
Pets are an important in anyone’s life. Therefor they should have an important role in the Digicom. Pets will follow you about, and some will even come with their own unique roles in gameplay.
Perhaps a player is traversing a mountain biome and they need a birds eye view to be able to see where to go? A pet eagle may come in handy! Perhaps a player is moving through thick desert to reach a desert outpost? A pet camel could come in handy!