Project Architecture

The Digicom is a fully automated ecosystem built by smart contracts. An NFT marketplace and game rolled into one.
2.1. Tokenising The World
The majority of items, skins, property and land you see inside the Digicom is built using RPC-721 NFT Technology. This has been designed from the start and is integrated in such a way it is easily manageable. Some of these NFTs are built with innovative contracts never before seen in the crypto space, which allow for functionality inside the metaverse.
2.2. NFT Marketplace Platform
The marketplace will be the home of trade within the Digicom. It will be the powerhouse that empowers players to make money. The NFT Marketplace is a one—page frontend application written in Vue.js and TypeScript. The Backend is written in nodejs with express.js framework. Because the marketplace is seamlessly integrated with the game it provides the ability to have one account for not only playing, but also trading and earning.
2.3. PC-Mobile-VR Open World Metaverse
The Digicom is accessible from PC, mobile and VR. All players will directly interact with other players in region-based servers. Players can choose which servers they would like to join, based on popularity at any given time.
2.4. Smart Contracts Smart
Contracts are the backbone of crypto. The Digicom utilises smart contracts at every opportunity to ensure the safety and reliability of the game.