Our platform gives you an opportunity to maximize your rewards. Hence, you can invite your friends to register via the referral link and receive rewards from our referral program. Referral rewards can be received from Farms & Staking pools. Digicom referral program will work in the following way:
  • Farms & Staking pools. You can expect 5% return from your friends' earnings. Your referral rewards will be visible and directly withdrawn from your wallet address when your invited friends will withdraw DCOM tokens to the wallet.
Let’s say, you invited a friend and he/she earned 5 DCOM from either “Farms” or “Staking pools”. As a result, you will receive 5% from 5 DCOM, which accounts for 0.25 DCOM.
All your referral rewards will be sent to your referral balances in $DCOM tokens. All the fees will also be charged in $DCOM tokens.
You will have two separate referral earning counter, including:
  1. 1.
    Farms referral earnings
  2. 2.
    Staking pools referral earnings
With our referral system we want to have both you and your friends benefit from joining our community.